Finding restaurants has never been this fun

we'll find you the best place to eat

We use AI to find the best place to eat near you, wherever you are. FindAMeal combines the data of multiple food review providers and your personal preferences to find new restaurants and cafes for you.

How it works

A search engine that understands you

No more going over hundreds of different websites, apps, and checking all other sources to find a place to eat, we'll find you the best place to eat in one place!


The best Pizza with a cozy, charming, nice view to the lake in town

Going out with friends?

Rooftop with live music, a nice view for drinks after work with friends

Date night?

Fancy dinner restaurant for two, cozy, romantic ambience, nice wine, and nice music


Make any type of query and we'll suggest something for you

FindAMeal uses AI to interpret your search, which means that you can query for anything you’d like, from ‘find me the best date spot around’ to ‘pick a fancy restaurant for my birthday which serves steak’, we got you covered.

Data that we use

We combine restaurant data from the whole internet easily!

To provide the best recommendation possible we aggregate information from multiple restaurant data providers, such as Google, Yelp, and Foursquare, as well as from social media, the result is the perfect recommendation for you, wherever you are.




and more...

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